With social media expertise & brand nature understanding, we deliver ideas worth sharing.


Based on Brand Nature, create creative platforms with long-form content


With talented crews, it’s a great combination of everything: Creative Director, Music Producer, Director, DOP, Producer.


With the most popular digital networks in VN as: Beat, YAN, Co Dong… We design a communication framework for spreading out the content.

Dreamage helps brand engage with consumers by creating Creative Social-tainment Platform. It’s not only music show but also digital show which conveys brand message, educates consumers.

A to Z services from Creative Strategy to Execution.

Not only booking or buying, we work with influencers for premium content. That’s co-creation so that we ensure about the quality & performance.

Based on our talent network & Professional Production team, we create the true value for our brand.

DREAMAGE’s aim is to be a game changer with Long-form content worth sharing. Based on brand nature & social behaviours within online communities, cultures and subcultures, we create original social-tainment show, which is relevant, helpful, valuable & entertaining.

These show is the way brand sneak into the daily customer stream life.


With experience of working hundreds Social-led, Influencer Marketing campaign, DREAMAGE understand that the best path to long-term success for Artist & Agency is to unfailingly working in client’s best interests.

We’re commercial representative for 50+ artists in VN, co-create with them for long-form content & Brand Campaign.